The Pyramid project represents the crown of our work. These self-sustaining bungalows of wide application, made of natural materials from renewable sources, are an ideal example of human relationship with nature.

Usable in tourism and civil engineering, the building offers a unique experience of nature through a panoramic window, for a pleasant morning and waking up among the treetops or stargazing at night.

With innovative design and choice of materials, we have enabled a person to have a safe and healthy stay, whether it is the first solution for young families, a cottage, temporary accommodation for refugees or permanent accommodation for the homeless, the pyramid offers a safe embrace of nature.

The project is open and intended for cooperation with similar organizations or private investors, in fact, everyone is welcome, and our goal is to provide such buildings for the socially sensitive.

With this example, we want to prove that in addition to agriculture, life from nature is also possible.



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