Our projects

With our work so far, we have helped nature to breathe easier, children to have a nicer playground, people to eat healthier, pensions for the elderly to be more beautiful, and our ancestors to be proud of us.

The team of the Panoniart association works for the purpose of raising awareness about nature and man through creative practices, independently or with other worldview organizations, local, regional and state self-government bodies in Croatia, Europe and the world.

We organize, encourage, promote, launch and implement projects aimed at improving the quality of life and protecting creative activity in the humanitarian, spiritual and ecological sectors of society.


By promoting a healthy and sustainable way of living through Biodynamics, building constructions from natural materials, connecting art and ecology, we shape nature for humans in a non-invasive way, creating a sustainable symbiosis for the generations to whom we leave the earth as a legacy.

Active projects

Completed projects